Full Tilt Janis

FULL TILT JANIS is the Ultimate Janis Joplin Tribute Show that hauntingly brings Janis Joplin back to life through the critically acclaimed vocals of Melissa Jubb as Janis Joplin along with her incredibly talented band of musicians.

FULL TILT JANIS captures the sound, feel and attitude of the infamous Janis Joplin as they perform all her greatest hits rolled together in one big entertaining interactive live concert experience. Many a concert goer have said, that if you closed your eyes you would swear you were listening to Janis herself.

FULL TILT JANIS has performed to countless enthusiastic international audiences including, Australian Fringe Festivals, Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in Scotland and Tribute to Woodstock Festivals in Holland.

A show not to be missed by all Janis Joplin fans of that amazing music generation.